Brianna with her fiddle
I love my family, and I love music! I can’t think of anything I would rather do!Brianna Harris

       The youngest of the Trinity River Band, Brianna Harris, first started to learn how to play the fiddle when she was only six years old. Having grown up watching and listening to her older siblings, Brianna had a love of music instilled in her from before she can remember. And that love manifested itself in her desire to study the fiddle. In the years that she has been a student of the fiddle, she has grown exponentially as a musician, placing her firmly in an elite group of up and coming musicians in the bluegrass world.

       Already a professional at the young age of 15, crowds all over the United States are blown away by both her fiddle playing, and her mature and powerful vocals. In fact, every time that her age is announced at a live show, gasps can be heard all throughout the audience. Brianna has also been the band’s full-time fiddle player since 2013, which makes her one of the youngest, full-time musicians in a professional band, in the country. With music her passion and her life, Brianna is already laying a firm foundation for what will be a lifelong career doing what she loves.