Joshua Harris with his banjo
I’ve always heard, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” So far, I’ve found this to be true.Joshua Harris

       The first time that Joshua Harris heard a banjo was at the Twin Oaks Bluegrass Festival in Hoboken, GA. Being the age ten at the time, Joshua caught “banjo fever”, and apparently, the only prescription was more banjo…so, after almost a whole year of prodding his parents, Mike and Lisa got him his first banjo the Christmas of 2005. At first, they might’ve regretted the decision with all the loud practicing which then ensued, but within a couple of years, Joshua proved it was a good decision after all.

       Five years into playing the banjo, Joshua decided to also pick up the resonator guitar. This added a whole new level of sound to the band’s compositions and led the way to more versatile arrangements. Since then, Joshua has learned several more instruments, but his main instruments remain the banjo and resonator guitar. His level of musicianship on both instruments has garnered him recognition across the country, but his talents do not stop there. He also shows his vocal chops on songs such as the hit off of Heartstrings, “Rusty Old American Dream” and the title cut from the band’s latest release, The Things We Do For Dreams. While the road hasn’t always been the smoothest, living the life of a professional musician, Joshua wouldn’t trade a second of it. All the sacrifices and bumps in the road are just a part of the things we do for dreams.

Joshua 1:9