Sarah Harris with her mandolin
I get to do what I love the most with the people I love the most.Sarah Harris

       Sarah first started playing music when she was twelve years old. She actually got her beginnings playing the guitar at this time, learning from her dad, Mike. As she got more proficient, she began to lead worship during the chapel services at the school she went to. This was Sarah’s first taste of what it was like to be on stage playing music for crowds of people. When TRB first began as the Harris Family Band, Sarah was still playing guitar and hadn’t picked up the mandolin yet.

       A couple of years after the band started playing, Sarah transitioned to the mandolin, which Lisa had been playing up to that point, and Lisa then went to the upright bass. This turned out to be the best possible move, as Sarah and Lisa both took to their new instruments with renewed vigor, becoming extremely proficient in a short amount of time. This move occurring in early 2009, Sarah has been playing the mandolin now for almost eight years and has loved every second of exploring this vital instrument in bluegrass music! Also, being TRB’s lead singer, Sarah has taken the mantle of being the band’s front person on stage, doing a fantastic job as she leads audiences all over the USA in a live experience of the Trinity River Band. Already an award winning and nominated singer/songwriter in her own right, Sarah Harris is poised to have an incredible career in the music business.

Jeremiah 29:11