Lisa Harris with her bass
Don’t let fear dictate your future, rather, let faith guide you one step at a time.Lisa Harris

       Born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl, Lisa Harris grew up in a very musical family. Having five siblings, four older sisters and one younger brother, there seemed to always be someone playing the piano, and the rest of them would gather round to sing their favorite hymns and church songs. When tragedy struck in the form of Lisa’s father passing away when she was only ten, life got a lot harder with her older sisters helping take care of the younger siblings. With their faith in God and love of music, the family was able to make it through some very rough times.

       Lisa’s interest in music was greatly increased through her high school years, so much so, that she decided to pursue a degree in vocal performance in college, receiving her bachelor’s degree at a school in Florida and completing her Master’s studies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Well on her way to an Opera career, Lisa decided she wanted whatever God wanted for her life, but above all, she wanted a family. As in Mike’s case, God decided that it wasn’t quite time for Lisa to make a career of music, although music never stopped being a part of her life. However, as time went on and her family grew, God’s timing, again, turned out to be the best. As the bass player, singer, mom, and rock of TRB, Lisa has never been more fulfilled.

Romans 8:28