Mike Harris with his Guitar
It’s never too late to chase your dream. I caught mine.Mike Harris

       Having played guitar since he was 6 years old, music had always been a part of TRB’s patriarch, Mike Harris’s, life. His grandfather, Herndon “Hunky” Jones, had been the one with the patience and fortitude to sit down with young Mike and impart what knowledge and experience of music that he had from years of playing and singing traditional country music. While Mike studied and played many different styles and genres of music during the years, he never wavered from the foundation, nor lost hold of those country roots instilled in him by his grandfather.

       Although Mike always figured that his career path would involve music, life happened, as it often does, and he had to get a “real job” (although, let it be noted, that by no means is working in the music industry not a real job). It just turned out that God had other ideas in mind and just a different time table for when this would indeed happen. For, now Mike is the dad, guitar player, singer, and fearless leader of the Harris family, AKA, the Trinity River Band. He just had to wait on when God wanted him to make music his career, and he is certainly glad that he did.

Proverbs 3:5-6